Reza Hosseini

Reza Hosseini ® ,
Born in 1948 in Iran, Reza Hosseini is one of the painters who has blossomed forth gradually in the midst of feverish creativity. He passed through Classicism to Modernism by way of his comprehensive understanding of the necessities and not by way of external forces. The firmness of color and the maturity of lines are gifted that he acquired from classicism and which he has brought to the world of his modern painting. He is an artist and creator who know his intentions and has never been restricted by the rules which lead to plagiarism and predictable repetitive stereotype work, nor has he been waiting for inspiration by chance, which could come to mind while painting. It is clear that chance is one of the essential tools used by every artist, but art is not merely the product of absolute inspiration by chance. Hosseini creates the incidents and leads them to the conclusion which he seeks.
In his paintings he always searches to find the best format for his message, and conveys it in a brilliant and most eloquent manner of expression. His painting, each color and line, no matter how blurred or insignificant plays a part in the integrity of his work, representing his mental activity and demonstrates the way in which he wishes to convey his message.
For over forty years has been seen in more than fifty solo and group exhibitions. Hosseini's work can be found in myriad of private art collections and art museums such as museum of contemporary of Tehran, Museum of contemporary of Ahvaz. He currently lives and works in Tehran.